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CNA: Rain and rats to blame for more dogs in Singapore being infected with leptospirosis, vets say

A golden retriever puppy that has fully recovered from the disease after its treatment with The Gentle Vet in December 2023.

Article by: Koh Wan Ting, Journalist, CNA 

Date: 1 February, 2024 

Along Tanjong Katong Road, veterinary clinic The Gentle Vet saw three to four suspected cases of leptospirosis in domestic dogs and shelter rescues last year.
Before 2020, the vet used to see a maximum of two cases every two to three years.

Head veterinarian Kelly Yeo told CNA: “It’s something that we have noticed and we have started warning our pet owners about as well. It’s on the rise and it’s a notifiable disease to AVS.

“Leptospirosis is really serious because your dog can die from it and it’s transmissible to humans. And for humans, it’s quite serious as well.”
She pointed at the prevalence of rat urine in Singapore’s urban setting as the main culprit.
“(For example at) Tanjong Katong Road, you have so many restaurants, there’s going to be rats,” said Dr Yeo. “When you walk along the street even near your house during the day, what you don’t see on the ground is actually little rats have gone there and they might have urinated on the floor.
“So when your dog goes and sniffs that, that’s when they actually get infected.”
She described a case in December where a golden retriever puppy was infected. The canine stayed in landed property and could have been exposed to contaminated sewage water. The puppy was isolated and had a dedicated nurse in personal protection equipment caring for it until it recovered fully.
A golden retriever puppy infected with leptospirosis in December 2023 recovered after a period of hospitalisation with The Gentle Vet. The clinic took over the puppy and rehomed him after he recovered.

Full article can be read here.

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