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Geriatric Veterinary Care in Singapore

At The Gentle Vet, we recognise the unique needs of ageing pets and the importance of specialised geriatric veterinary care. Our 24-hour pet clinic in Singapore is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to senior pets, ensuring their golden years are comfortable and fulfilling.

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About Geriatric Pets

Geriatric pets, typically considered senior from around seven years of age, require extra care and attention due to the natural ageing process. As pets age, they may face a variety of health challenges and lifestyle changes. Our goal is to support these ageing companions with tailored veterinary healthcare that addresses their evolving needs.
At The Gentle Vet, we recommend routine health assessments for geriatric pets. Our services include:

General Health Assessments for Ageing Pets

  • Comprehensive Physical Examinations: Tailored to assess the overall health of older pets.
  • Diagnostic Tests and Screenings: Including bloodwork and urinalysis to detect early signs of common age-related diseases.
  • Dental Health Assessments: Essential for maintaining oral health in senior pets. Learn more about our cat dental services and dog dentists.
  • Pain Management & Preventive Care Plans: Customised to each pet’s needs, ensuring comfort and quality of life.
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Common Signs of Ageing in Pets

Ageing in pets can manifest through various signs, some of which may be mistakenly attributed to normal ageing but could indicate underlying medical conditions. Common signs include reduced mobility, changes in weight or appetite, decreased activity levels, and behavioural changes. It’s crucial to distinguish between normal ageing and symptoms of diseases that require urgent medical attention.

Common Age-Related Conditions Among Pets

For pets with terminal illnesses, we also offer palliative care to ensure their comfort and dignity in their final days. As pets enter their senior years, they are susceptible to a variety of age-related conditions. At The Gentle Vet, our experienced team is adept at managing these issues with care and compassion. Common conditions in geriatric pets include:

  • Arthritis: Characterised by joint pain and stiffness, leading to reduced mobility and activity levels. Management includes pain relief medications, joint supplements, and lifestyle modifications.
  • Dental Issues: Senior pets often suffer from dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay, which can affect their appetite and overall health. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are crucial.
  • Heart Disease: This can manifest as coughing, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Early detection and ongoing management are key to maintaining quality of life.
  • Kidney Disease: Symptoms include increased thirst, weight loss, and lethargy. Management involves dietary changes, fluid therapy, and medication.
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS): Similar to dementia in humans, CDS can cause disorientation, changes in sleep patterns, and altered interactions with family members.
  • Liver Disease: Look for signs such as jaundice, vomiting, and weight loss. Treatment varies based on the underlying cause but may include medications and dietary changes.
  • Vision and Hearing Loss: Common in older pets, leading to changes in behaviour and increased anxiety. Adapting the home environment can help manage these changes.
  • Cancer: Unfortunately, older pets are at a higher risk of developing various types of cancer. Early detection and treatment options like surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation can improve outcomes.
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Choose The Gentle Vet for Geriatric Veterinary Care

Our veterinary experience with geriatric pets, combined with our hospice and hospitalisation options, makes us a trusted choice for senior pet care in Singapore. We encourage pet owners to prioritise their senior pets’ wellbeing, ensuring their later years are spent in comfort and dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Geriatric Veterinary Care

As pets age, they may experience decreased mobility, changes in sleep patterns, and a slower response to stimuli. Regular check-ups can help manage these changes effectively.

Consider providing orthopaedic bedding, easy access to food and water, and avoiding major changes in their environment to minimise stress.

Senior pets may require dietary adjustments based on their health status. We can provide guidance on the best diet for your pet’s specific needs.
Look for signs like reluctance to move, changes in behaviour, or vocalisations when touched. If you suspect pain, a veterinary consultation is crucial.
Engaging in gentle play, providing mental stimulation through toys or puzzles, and maintaining a routine can all support cognitive health in senior pets.
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