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Kay Yee (Kai) graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Veterinarian Technician Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture. She’s always had a passion for animals and believes it’s rewarding and fulfilling to know she can help them recover or feel better.
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Chan Kah Yee (Kai)


While felines have a special place in her heart, she believes that every animal deserves a chance to be treated, no matter what.


Kai enjoys working at the Gentle Vet as everyone here is patient and as someone that is new to the veterinary industry, it’s a very productive environment to be in to learn and grow as a vet nurse/tech.


At home she cares for her fish and shrimp and enjoys giving belly rubs to her uncles dog Milky. To relax from a touch work week, Kai enjoys hikes and exploring Singapore’s wildlife.

Chan Kah Yee (Kai)
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