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Dr. Kelly is the head vet at The Gentle Vet. She graduated with a Veterinary Surgeon Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne in 2009. Since then she has worked in busy GP practices and a 24 hour hospital.
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Dr. Kelly Yeo

VETERINARY SURGEON, BVSc University of Melbourne

Dr. Kelly’s drive as a vet has developed from a love for all animals to helping geriatric or chronically ill patients. Being able to provide palliative care and increase the quality of life for aging cats and dogs and guiding their owners in this journey is what she really feels passionate about.


As the practice head Dr. Kelly strives to make vet visits enjoyable and comfortable for both pets and owners – with a fear free approach in mind.


Dr. Kelly takes pride in the happy and positive attitude in the team where everyone strives to give their patients the best care possible.


At home, Dr. Kelly cares for her recently adopted 12 year old Schnauzer, Alex and enjoys reading or exploring new places with her family.

Dr. Kelly Yeo
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