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Head Veterinary Technician Judy holds a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Central Luzon State University. Judy has worked as a junior vet in the Philippines and a senior vet tech here in Singapore for over 9 years. Her experience in busy GP clinics as well as 24 hour emergency clinics have equipped her with a vast skill set.
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Judy Saddi


Judy loves that she was able to fulfil her dream to become a doctor and work with animals. Always willing to learn new parts of veterinary medicines, her special interest lies in surgery and oncology.


Her goal is to always make the pet AND owner feel at ease and comfortable in teh clinic.


Judy cares for Botchog, a 14 year old friendly mongrel and Max, a betta fish that according to her behaves just like a dog and comes towards where whenever it’s feeding time.

Judy Saddi
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